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Home Away From Home

Super Mario is running away from the funny memes video click above!!!

Your Home away from home is mine too:


  You finally found your home away from home! Hey You, yeah you!  Check out our recipes area to eat while getting drunk. Brush up on current events and news with daily news. Find Public domain or copyright free media here. Public Domain photos and video will be posted here. Copyright free music will be posted here, but some will be remixes or mash ups which contain copyrighted material therefore use at your own risk and read through descriptions to prior to use. 

Home away from home

Sweet Rat Rods With Transmission Goblin from Mars video click above!!!

Show patience I am an average Joe:


  The meme posting areas and meme galleries are coming soon. The Forums and shit posting areas will come a little at a time. Now I’m just an average Joe making a website for Shit lords, shit posting and some dank memes! Give us time to learn because we are born from The Isle of Misfit Toys and will be continuously improving. The site will be built one day at a time therefore you can grow with us!

home away from home

Super Mario has tits from goblins from mars video click above!!!



Kekistan home away from home:


 Now people hailing from the Isle of Misfit Toys or Kekistan this site will be your home away from home! The world is crazy because the far left and far right need realize everyone planet and crazy people do not help us progress in life. My anti SJW anti / regressive left channel got deleted and have not figured out how to appeal the anti spam claims.

home away from home

Pokemon Red Blue Theme Trap Remix click pic above for YouTube video!!!!


Red Pill The Planet!


   The world needs to take the red pilled and stop making everything about race. Therefore racism can stop! The SJW world view shows a bigoted view of everyone stop the cancer! Hate needs to stop! All Racism is Racism! The soft bigotry of low expectations needs to stop! Regressive left needs to learn they can not fight racism with racism. Every racist denies their racism! Pro free speech and anti hate advocates come here! Everybody is welcome at this as a home away from home!

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