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    Verify and cross reference stories do not be sheep. Today’s news is propaganda loaded so cross reference everything! Do not believe everything you read or hear. Not making accusations on The Atlantic news, but everyone needs skepticism or they will be naive sheep. We would not provide a site that is never honest, but all readers should be on the look for Fake news. The Atlantic news will give you a more info in search for truth in today’s crazy world.

  Our site provides links to all news sites we can think of. We do not agree or condone every story linked in site specific posts. Our site provides links, partial post and headlines, but try to be impartial on  which site links are on our site. The content is not owned by us that is why only provide a snippet with links to the original NBC news content but our intent is  to send traffic to the The Atlantic news site. People can cross referencing stories easier if all sites are centralized.



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