Buck’s Fizz Cocktail

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Buck's Fizz Cocktail

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  • 4 oz champagne:
  • 2 oz orange juice:
  • 1 tsp grenadine syrup:
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  1. Add to a frosted wine glass.
  2. Garnish:no!
  3. Serve in White Wine Glass!

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White Noise Presents Buck’s Fizz Cocktail:

Home of Bucks Fizz Cocktail Recipes on the web. The Buck’s Fizz Cocktail is an alcoholic cocktail made of two parts champagne to one part orange juice. This drink is very similar to the Mimosa, which also contains champagne and orange juice, but in equal measures. Sparkling wine can also be used.


Buck’s Fizz Cocktail History: 

This drink is named after London’s Buck’s Club, where it was invented as an excuse to begin drinking early. The Buck’s Fizz Cocktail was first served in 1921 by a barman named Malachy McGarry (who features in the works of P. G. Wodehouse as the barman of Buck’s Club and the Drones Club). Traditionally, Buck’s Fizz Cocktail is made by mixing two parts champagne and one part orange juice. Some older Buck’s Fizz Cocktail recipes list grenadine as an additional ingredient, but the International Bartenders Association recipe does not include it. The original Buck’s Club recipe is said to contain additional ingredients known only to the club’s bartenders knoow the original ingredients to.

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Buck's Fizz Cocktail Buck's Fizz Cocktail
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Buck’s Fizz Cocktail:

Buck's Fizz Cocktail Buck's Fizz Cocktail

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Buck's Fizz Cocktail

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Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail
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Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail

Buck's Fizz Cocktail
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Buck's Fizz Cocktail
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Please keep these things in mind When consuming alcohol:

  • NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!!. You will end up killing yourself, or worse, murder someone else. Don’t be stupid. If you’re going out and plan to drink, give the car keys to someone else and take a Taxi back home.
  • If the law in your country says you’re too young to drink, DON’T.
  • Do not drink too much. Excessive consumption of alcohol WILL cause irreparable harm to your body and may be lethal.
  • If you have a problem to stop drinking, seek professional help.
  • Always drink responsibly!


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