Country scents candles are owned by power couple Naomi and David Myers and located in Shepherdsville Ky. Our candle shop is where all the magic happens. They have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to others. Country scents candles take pride in creating scents that are long lasting and do not include chemical dyes. Their main belief is creating a quality soy product that you can feel good about using in your homes.  Country scents candles are certified ky proud, FDA approved soy, and kosher certified- we only use the highest ingredients here at country scents candles, and our wicks are all 100% cotton. They believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price. Their main focus is to try to only use essential oils to scent our products when we can for a particular scent, but we do also use fragrance oils in some of our products to create a festive scent you will enjoy.

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Welcome to this Country Scents Candles Review

I don’t know about you, but I have recently seen Country Scents Candles everywhere on social media. Naturally, I was curious to see if it’s a profitable business, so make sure you read this until the end…

Country Scents Candles

Country Scents Candles Review – Legit Country Candle Company?

In 2016, Country Scents Candles was founded by David and Naomi Myers.  The domain was created on April 30, 2016, so it’s a fairly new company that is doing well.

The company specializes in 100% American grown, soy based candles that are free of harsh chemicals or dyes.

Soy candles last longer than regular candles, and does not emit toxins that are more likely to trigger allergies.  Water soluble and biodegradable candles are naturally easier to clean up, which is always a plus.  The owners of the company are passionate about only using FDA approved soy and is kosher certified.

Country Scents Candles Review – Products Prices

Country Scents Candles has candles, melts that are referred to as tarts, scented bears, aroma beads, and warmers and accessories.

I’m old fashion and love burning candles in my home.  Although the warmers are a second runner up for keeping my home smelling fresh!

Customers can purchase from a consultants’s website.

Country Scents Candles Review

  • 2.5oz-5.5oz Tarts
  • 8oz-16oz Candles
  • Warmers and Accessories
  • Scented Bears
  • Aroma Beads
  • Essential Oils and Diffusors
  • Chalk Paint for Crafts

Country Scents Candles Review

Country Scents Candles Review – Cost To Join and Compensation Plan

The Country Scents Candles company offers a free consultant program, and every consultant earns a 25% commission and a 25% discount on products.

  • 6% on your level 1 downline
  • 4% on your level 2 downline

Consultants are paid through Paypal, and paid instantly to your Paypal account.

The company gives you a free website of your own to send your customers to.

You receive 25% with Scentsy, once you make at least $500 in personal sales.

Consultants can make money by sending customers to their site to place orders, having in home parties and events on Facebook, or buy at wholesale and sell on demand.

Create a FREE account with Country Scents Candles Today.

Country Scents Candles Review – Fast Start Bonus

  • 30 Day Fast Start Requirement
    $200 in (PV) personal sales.
    You’ll Receive: 2 packs of melts and 1-1oz aroma beads.
  • 60 Day Fast Start Requirements
    $300 in (PV) personal sales; 2 New Qualifying Recruits.
    You’ll Receive: 4 packs of melts1-1oz aroma beads.
  • 90 Fay Fast Start Requirements
    $500 in (PV) personal sales; 3 New Qualifying Recruits
    You’ll Receive -1-16oz candle-4 packs of melts 1-1oz aroma beads.

Each consultant must complete all three months to qualify.

Country Scents Candles Review – The Verdict

Altogether, Country Scents Candles is a great opportunity for anyone that is passionate about candles, and eventually you can start making money from your own business.  I think this might be the business for you.

It’s free to join as a consultant, so why not?

Their affiliate program involves a very user-friendly and easy process.

When you complete the sign-up process for their affiliate program, an affiliate link will be provided to you for marketing the company’s products.

Through this link, when a customer clicks on it, they will be redirected to their sales page, and if the customer eventually buys the product you will get paid a commission for the sale.

Join Country Scents Candles Affiliate Program Here

today for free.

As a consultant, you will receive 25% of the sales that gets sold off your store url. You will also receive a 25% discount on all products. You will also get 6% off you direct downline sales and 4% of their direct downlines sales. The great thing about joining my Country Scents Candle team is you’ll not only have your own home based business!

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