Recipes Introduction And Schedule




     Recipes!!! We are here to provide multiple varieties of content which can help multiple people not just YouTubers! Yes recipes will help the average person!

  • First we need perhaps, the most important meal of the day…. DESSERT!
  • Next we need to touch on diabetic cuisine because after the most important meal we need to calm our sugar rush!
  • Secondly the most important meal is PIE! Yes my fat giggle needs a pie…. Sh! The diet is doing wonderful!
  • After your morning diabetic comma it is time for breakfast so yes bacon is on the menu!
  • Then you gotta make lunch and dinner because eating is a competition sport and we are going to the Olympics this year! AMERICA!
  • Don’t forget that non alcoholic smoothie, shake or beverage..
  • Beep! Beep! What is that? Oh, the crock pot is done time to eat again.
  • Hop on scale….. Gained 25 pounds today! Time for alcoholic beverages to forget my sugar coated veins!
  • Can not walk anymore? Can not reach the stove because belly is to big ? Do not worry we will have children’s recipes too!



    Click above schedule image to contact us with recipes for submission or suggestions you would like us to research!



Disclaimer! I make jokes I like to eat and wanna loose weight.. I am not against any sized person I love everyone, but no matter what size you are you still need to eat! Again eat Pie!



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  Stick around for our our daily uploads, We want to help your day be  easier so a one stop shop for recipes will be great tool to have.. We hope to create something great for everyone! We are hoping to produce multiple recipes per day from schedule. Some we hope will wow you! Some we hope we save you money! This will guarantee you know what you are putting in your body!